Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ab day and cardio!

So this morning was my 3.5 mile run for cardio and of course my ab workout. Definitely had those abs burnin! On the right is a new protein shake I tried and I loved it. Protein packed! So I put a scoop of my new Titan vanilla whey protein, two tsp of natural honey, literally from the bee hive down the street, 2 tsp of peanut butter, and a scoop of flaxseed. It might be my new favorite protein shake! If you're craving ice cream or anything, this will definitely help your craving because it tastes like dessert, but is 100% healthy :) Kill your workouts today!


  1. Hi Taylor! I just recently found you on instagram an

  2. (sorry that published before I wanted it to! Completely new to blogs.) I just wanted to ask if you know are there some protein powders/drinks that are better than others? I want to follow a clean diet but I'm lacking energy and the knowledge on how a healthy way to do so. If you know of any good resources that would help... I'd appreciate it SO much! Thank you for the inspiration :)

    1. Hey! Thank you for following :)
      So this was the resource I found...

      I just learn my eating habits through trail and error... Some protein powders are better then others, but it also depends on what you have in mind for your physical goals. I not only work out all the time, but I play beach volleyball, so I'm an athlete as well, so my protein has 5 different proteins within it, so they release at different times. Some people who just workout take a simple whey protein. I steer clear of soy protein, no matter what your physical goals are. Also to take into consideration for powder is your budget, because some of them are not cheap. Eating wise, you just need to make sure your body is getting the things it needs! Protein, Complex Carbs, and Natural Sugars. Protein is get from lean meats such as turkey burgers, turkey bacon, turkey sausage, chicken, salmon. Complex carbs are things in veggies, brown rice, whole grain pasta, whole grain oatmeal. And Sugars are from fruits! Steer clear of soda, fried food, white bread, pizza, wings, things like that, and you'll be so surprised about not only how much better you feel, but how much your body changes! Let me know if you have any other questions :)