Friday, June 15, 2012

Physio Ball!

Okay, so I had a lot on my agenda today, between coaching and beach practice for my tournament tomorrow, so my ab workout was a little later than usual, but nevertheless, it still got done! So my favorite toy for abs today was my new weighted physio ball! This can be used for multiple exercises with many variations. That is what is so great about it! So, a few of the exercises I did tonight with it were leg lift ball pass offs, and physio ball knee tucks. How to do these? Well, let's start with the leg lift ball pass offs. For those of you who know what a leg lift is, this will be easier for you. Those who do not, here is what to do! Start laying on your back, legs fully extended with the ball between your feet and your arms extended to the ceiling. Squeezing the ball between your feet and making sure that your lower back is pushed to the floor, raise your legs up holding the ball, and pass the ball over to your hands. (Hence, pass offs!) Lower your legs back down right above the ground, but not letting them touch the ground, then raise them back up and retrieve the ball from your hands with your feet. That is one rep. Do as many as you can!
Now for physio ball knee tucks. This is a balance and stabilizing exercise. Crawl up on the ball with your shins on the ball and your hands on the floor in front of you. Walk your hands out until your body is extended and you are in a plank/pushup position with your shins still on the ball. Keeping your balance, slowly pull your knees in to your chest, the ball will roll with you and then extend your legs back to plank position. That is one rep.
Give these a try guys, Enjoy! :)

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