Wednesday, June 20, 2012


You are stronger than you think. Never doubt yourself or what your body is capable of.


  1. hey i recently found you on instagram!
    so glad i did...
    i am a dancer and recently went through a rough year of health issues that put me down to a low unhealthy weight of 92 pounds. i was ordered to stop exercising and i did
    i gained the wrong kind of weight back and a lot of it.. and need to jump back into the game of exercising and eating well and enough. i was wondering if you had any tips on where to begin?

    before i was going to the gym every morning at 6:00 am and i did elliptical for 40 min then switched off every other day between upper body, lower body, and abs. for some reason i can't get myself back into it and the motivation of it... i think i am scared to go back to where i was (not eating enough and exercising too much)

    so, i guess what i am asking is if you have any tips on getting a better mind set about working out so that i can get myself back into shape!!! sorry if this post/question is too long or too much.

    also i was wondering how old you are? and if your in college if you are studying exercise science, kinesiology, fitness specialist, ect... cuz you know your workouts girl!!!

    1. Hey there! :) So I've kinda been where you are in a way. During my indoor volleyball season this past year, I was getting strong in the weight room and on the court, my jumping was insane. Then one tournament, I was feeling super good, and jumping higher than I had the whole season, and came down on someones foot during the match and completely tore the first two ligaments in my ankle and partially tore the third rear ligament. I was out for months, not being able to do any lower body or cardio, so I lost a ton of weight (in a bad way too). After that, I didn't think I'd be able to bounce back a hundred percent or that anything would be the same. So I put some back on, in a not so good way. I really wasn't too motivated to get back into the gym because I was scared my ankle would give out.

      After doing that for a while, I finally sat down and thought about my goals. I don't know what your dancing goals are, but my volleyball goals are to play in the Olympics in 2016, and it occurred to me doing what I was doing wasn't going to get me there, and that is where my motivation started. I started working out again and getting back into the swing of things a little bit. So then I started setting goals on how I wanted to look. I'm not going to lie, I love the Facebook page "Hot Chicks with Abs", and can't say that they weren't some of my motivation too, lol. But once I started making goals, it became addicting. So since May, I've been really dedicated to working out 6 days a week, and eating clean.

      So seeing that you already worked out before, you just need that little push to get back into. Sit down and think about some goals. Write them down even and but them on your wall or mirror for you to see everyday to push yourself. Once you get that initial start back into it, it'll be easier from then on. I think you'll be fine :) As for your working out, and not eating enough, I don't know if you've ever meal prepped before? I don't currently do it, but I will be doing it stating August 1st when season starts again. At the beginning of the week, get some tupperware, and make your three meals and three snacks for every day of the week. Make sure they have all the necessary things your body needs before and after workouts. Complex Carbs, Natural Sugars, PROTEIN!. Make sure you have everything in each meal. More complex carbs before workouts, more protein after workouts. But I think if you do that, it will help you eat as much as you need to, and you won't have the not eating enough problem. Your post was not to long at all! I'm so glad you commented! I hope that helped some! Don't hesitate to ask any more questions or if that wasn't the answer you were looking for, I'd be happy to chat some more. :) I am in college right now, I'm 19, but an Accounting Major. I would love to be in exercise science or physical training, but we don't offer those majors :/ But thank you for the support! :) Let me know if you have anymore questions and I hope this helps!! :)

  2. Tay, thank you so much! your post helped a lot! Its nice to hear that someone else went through somewhat of the same issues. I took your advice and wrote out my goals... and boy oh boy did I have a lot. I then narrowed them down because i am a perfectionist and if I find myself not meeting all of the goals then I would either give up and fall down the same hole or I would over work and over push myself and fall back into the same hole of being 92 pounds and very unhealthy.

    Meal prepping is a great idea!!! I recently just moved and have been living on my own for a while and that did not help with the stress I was already going through. I am in a completely new city, left my current college I was at, and am completely alone. A lot has gone on within the past year and instead of giving myself a break for the summer to recuperate.. i shipped myself off to be alone (which probably was not the best choice). So I think meal planning/prepping will be a great idea! I think that is just what I need to find the balance between eating too much, too little, and all the right nutrients. So thanks for that advice...

    Anyways, when I was super fit and healthy I applied and auditioned for this dance intensive and I was accepted, however, at the audition I was fit and now I look a lot different... As i said above, i put on weight (a lot) and not in the correct or healthy way and i definitely do not look the same. So this brings me to my next question... Is there anything I can do to change the way i look (sadly to say but thats pretty important in dance) and feel by the time the intensive comes... it begins august 6th... now i know that is not a lot of time, but i am now determined. i have to make some changes. I mean, shit I am also 19 years old and I am an exercise science and nutrition major haha and as of now I am contradicting everything I stand for, preach, and study.

    thanks again for your help! so much!