Monday, June 18, 2012

Today's Workout, Legs!

Okay, now that I have filled my blog up with my other recent stuff, now I can get to today's workout!

Today was leg day! I worked out in my garage, so don't mind the random things in the background. Here are some examples of some of the lifts I did today. 

So first is deadlifts! These are great for your quads, inner thighs, hamstrings, butt, lower back and traps from holding the bar, so they cover a lot of muscles. :) For those of you who work out at the gym, use the most weight that you can! Really challenge yourself, and check to see if the gym you workout at has hexbars, they are much easier to hold then a barbell for deadlifts. For those of your who are at home like me, and might not have a ton of weight, compromise, and add more reps. I normally deadlift around 145lbs for 3 sets of 12, but since I only have 95lbs of weight, I compromise and up my reps to 3 set of 20. So once you get your weight and reps set, squat down low enough to pick the bar up. DO NOT BEND AT YOUR BACK. Bend at your knees to pick the bar up. Then.... 
Stand up!
That is one rep. Now squat back down to the ground and stand up again. Finish your set. :) 

Next are Physio Ball Hamstring Curls! These are awesome for your hammies and butt! ;) 

Start out with your calves on the ball and the rest of your body raised, balancing on your shoulders and arms.  This pulls in your core for stability too! Once you get balanced.... 
Pull your feet towards your butt, rolling the ball. Make sure to keep your core tight so your back stays straight. Then push your feet away from you, going back to the position in the first picture. That is one rep. Too easy? Switch from double leg to single leg curls. Get those hammies and bum burnin'!! :)

Last ones I'll show you are Split Squats! 

Also great for quads, hip flexors, and butt.
So for this exercise, again, pick a weight that challenges you, and get it on your shoulders. Take a step with which ever leg you want to start with first, and get a nice wide stance. This is almost like an exaggerated lunge, but instead of walking forward, you just keep squatting in that stance for all your reps, then switch legs and do it again. Keep in mind, unlike lunges, both of your legs will burn doing this, no matter which leg is forward, they both will burn like crazy. This can be done with dumbells in each hand if you do not have access to a barbell. Get after the Split Squats guys!
So that was just a few things I did for my workout, hope they are something you can incorporate into your workouts. :) 

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