Monday, July 9, 2012

Catch up Again!

Alright, so I've been working like crazy, literally like crazy recently, and I've found time to get my workouts in, just no time to update the Blog. So, this is again, my catch up post! Let's see what I missed...

Saturday I worked a double from 10:30-3:30pm, then 7-1 am, so I got Ab Day Swag Day in early before work.

I did the workout I posted on my blog, but I added to it this time. I found @petitefi's Rough and Ruckus core circuit, and added it to mine. It's a great one that will get your abs cookin'! Check out her Instagram page. 

Friday was Arm Day, and I spent the Day playing beach volleyball, then tore up my arms when I got home. 
I'll put up my arm workout if anyone is interested, let me know! :) 
Beach Bum by day, Gym Rat by night :) 

Then lastly Thursday was Leg Day, my second favorite! Killed my legs before work, trying to get some more definition in those quads and hammies! My Calluses are getting worse, oh well! It's totally worth it! I haven't put up my Leg day workout up either, so let me know if you guys want it!

So, I think I summed up the last couple days that I missed. Today is Squaterday! I will be doing this after work today, because I had a busy morning/afternoon, but nevertheless, it will get done! Shut up and Squat ;) 

Remember to hydrate, eat clean, and train dirty guys! 

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