Monday, July 16, 2012


Happy Monday Everyone! It's the beginning of the week, so time for new goals to complete! So once again I find myself making a post to catch up on everything. Sorry it took so long guys. Let's see what I missed... pretty much 2 of everything, legs, core, and arms. So let's start with core..

Ab Day Swag Day this week was another combination of my routine and the "Rough and Ruckus" circuit I posted before, super killer! I was a little over excited about my favorite workout of the week, if you couldn't tell, I had a lot on my mind, so it was nice to get away for a little bit. Really cooked those abs though, and it's evident in my swing for volleyball that my core has gotten a lot stronger, I'm stoked!

Killed Squaterday and Leg day this week too! Quads were super pumped afterwards. When I'm lifting at home, I don't have a lot of weight to put on for squats and dead lifts. The most I have is 95 pounds. So for my squat and dead lift, I up my reps a lot to make up for the lack of weight. Keep that in mind when your reading my workout. I would not be doing this many reps if I were in the gym with 185, I'd be doing a pyramid. (10,8,6,4,2,1)

For Squaterday I do:
Back Squats 3x25
Single leg Bridges 3x20 each leg
Dumbbell 3 way lunge complex (forward, side, backward)  3x8 each way, each leg (48 lunges is one set)
Barbell 3 way calf raises (forward, inward, outward) 3x20 each way
Barbell weighted Bridges 3x20
Barbell Step ups 3x20
Dumbbell Sumo Squats 3x20
3 Way Glutes  3x20 each way
Quad extension burnouts   Til Fail
Hamstring Curl Burnouts  Til Fail
Good Mornings  3x20
Barbell Split Squats   3x15
Wall Sits 3x 1min
Wall Sit   Til Fail

Remember for all of these, pick a weight that is challenging to you, and get after it! Push yourself, your body is stronger than your mind lets you think!

I'll post my Leg Day next time.

Upper Body day went well too. Getting some definition in my baby noodle arms, finally! 
So I start off every arm day with my shoulder rehab since my Labrum is torn. That makes a lot of my shoulder workouts harder than they should be, but I push through. 
Tightening your muscles for each exercise, make them burn! 

I'm going to start posting more food pictures because a lot of people have been asking about what my clean eating is. 

Hope everyone kill their workouts! :) 

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