Tuesday, July 31, 2012

So behind!!

So I can't remember the last time I posted, sorry guys! I've been really busy packing and getting stuff ready for my move tomorrow. BUT, that doesn't mean I didn't work out!!

Let's see, I had a modified Ab Day Swag Day. I had to house sit/ dog sit for my neighbors, so I did half my workout in the morning, went to work, and finished up when I got to their house and hit the pool to cool off! :)
If was kind of strange to break it up like that, but at least I got it done.

I also got a new watch! So excited. My polar ft40 finally came!!! I love it so far. Still figuring stuff out, but it makes me push myself harder during my workouts. 
(Not bad for arm day ;) )

Killed leg day. Definitely trying to go a lot heavier now with my workouts, especially squats,  and its definitely paying off! 
New legs, new bathing suit, and we're in business! 
(Don't mind my brothers socks on the floor, haha) 

Today was Tear it up Tuesday! Again, trying to go heavier on my workouts and I think its paying off. Seeing small changes, but a little progress is better than no progress at all!

Excited to see a little back progress. Finally starting to bounce back from the labrum tear! 

My Upper body workout today had:
Cable Rows
Lat pull downs
Shoulder Press
Barbell Curls
Hammer Curls
Skull Crushers
Plank Rows
Tricep Kickbacks
Three way Shoulder Flys 
Wide fly Pushups
Military Pushups
Bosu Ball Pushups

Three Sets of everything, Heavy, Until failure!! Get after it guys!! 

Make sure to fuel after though!

After my protein shake, I had 2 Turkey Sausage, 2 Omelets, and Greek Yogurt. Good post workout meal :) 
I said I'd try to get some more food stuff up, so here it starts! 

Kill your Workouts Everyone! :) 

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