Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Waisted Wednesday!

Happy Ab Day Swag Day / Waisted Wednesday! :) 

So my dad won two free weeks to the gym, and guess who gets it? This girl! Perfect timing too because I go back to school in exactly two weeks today! So what did I do? New Ab Day Swag Day workout at the gym! I'm rather disappointed though, I destroyed my abs this morning with my workout. Any of you who do it will see what I'm talking about. But you can't even tell!! I am absolutely baffled over how much the human body can change thanks to mother nature. Boys, I envy you for not having this problem :p
Hopefully after a few days this water/bloat will go away and I'll be able to see my hard work! As for now, I'm stuck with dealing with it. Any way, as promised, here is my workout from today. I hope you guys enjoy! :) 

So, like for my other workout, I do them in pairs, two times each exercise with no break. When you are done with your pair (4 total exercises), take a break, then start you next pair. Got it? Readyyyyyyy.... GO! :) 

1:30 min Plank
1:30 min Boat

1 min Scissor Kicks
1 min Flutter Kicks

20 Side Tucks
20 Side Swings

20 Straight Leg Lifts
20 Knee Tucks

Back on the Floor... 
40 Bicycles Each Side
20 Physio Ball Knee Tucks

30 Physio Ball Oblique Crunches Each Side
30 V Ups Each Side

25 Reverse Crunches
20 Abdominal Twists Each Side

50 Crunches
20 Leg Lifts

Remember to do each pair twice.... GO! 

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