Monday, June 24, 2013

Squaterday and PLYOS!

Happy Squaterday fit fam!! Killed quads and glutes today at the gym and I'm happy to welcome my new trainee and coworker Shannon to the fit fam! She killed quads and glutes today for her squaterday and I'm so excited to be training someone so driven and motivated! :)

Finally starting to see definition coming back to my quads, whoop whoop!! Loved the "sweat today smile tomorrow" but I thought it was more suiting to sweat today, smile today :) 


I decided to do some much needed plyos, what a sweaty mess!!! Had to train to beat the rain ;) trying to get rid of some of this water weight before vacation, ahhh!! Plyos we shall be friends ;) 

Hope you all had a happy Monday!! :)

Winner Winner, Eat Clean Dinners!

As I always say, eat clean, train dirty ;) Your diet is the biggest key! I know eating clean can be hard, but it doesn't have to be boring !

Not the prettiest picture, but here we have sautéed onions and peppers with corn and green beans on top of raspberry walnut chicken, brown rice, and a mango purée, delightful!!! :) 

Then tonight I enjoyed a pepper, onion and turkey bacon omelet while doing some homework :) 

Get in the kitchen fit fam!! :) 

Lazy daisy!

Admit it, everyone has those days.... Something comes up and you just don't feel like going to the gym, or maybe you physically can't. Welp that was my week last week, I ended up missing my Wednesday and Thursday workout.... And you know what that means... Total body Friday!!! Had to make up for my ab day on Wednesday and hams, glutes and calves from Thursday , then the typical back, shoulders and rehab for Friday... Boy was I exhausted!! Remember when you're combining workouts like this, don't do your full day routine for each muscle group... You'll be at the gym all day!!! Pick your few favorite most challenging workouts from each lift, and build a lift off of that! For example, for me....I did ... 

From waisted Wednesday I picked
Decline med ball sit-ups
Decline sit-ups 

Bench leg lifts with a twist
Regular leg lifts 

Hanging leg lifts
Hanging knee tucks 

From beast mode Thursday ...
Deadlift pyramid

Smith machine glute kickbacks 
Smith machine pistol squats 

3 way calf raises 

Leg curls till failure 

From flex Friday...
DB overhead press
BB upright rows
DB bench press 
Reverse hypers 
Seated wide and narrow grip rows
Lat pull down 
3 way flys 

Shoulder rehab 

So it's a modified lift, not every exercise from each muscle group! 

Kill it guys! :) 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tear it up Tuesday

Worked out with former USC volleyball coach Turhan Douglas! Killed bis and tris, then made this funny meme... We got a kick out of it! Hope you killed your workouts ! :) 
Don't forget your chin-ups and hanging dips, they're killer ;) 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Welp, today started my week of coaching with some of the most amazing coaches in the nation, including Olympic USA Setter, Donald Suxho, 2-time All American Levi Cabral, and former USC Head Coach Turhan Douglas! How lucky am I?!

To start the morning before camp I decided to do some fasted cardio and go for a run. I've now decided that I would rather rip my nails off than run in the Southwest Florida morning humidity! Yuck! It was miserable. For those of you that like running, like my momma, kuddos to you! I have so much respect for you, butttttt running for fun is just not my thing I don't think. I'll stick to my HIIT and Heavy lifting for cardio ;)

Clean Eats!

Getting bored with your clean eats and food prep? Here's some ideas to keep it creative! :) 
These have been some of my clean eats recently. 

On high carb days, protein pancakes are the way to go! I'll be honest, I'm not creative enough to find a homemade pancake recipe that I like, so I just use a Gluten Free Mix, with two scoops of Vanilla Whey protein, topped with Greek yogurt and fruit! 

Here's some color! Steamed Zucchini, onion, red peppers, orange peppers, yellow peppers, and corn over grilled raspberry chicken on a bed of brown rice, outlined in apple slices :) 
Get at that protein and good carbs! ;) 

Some more color! Scrambled Eggs with spinach, red and yellow peppers, onions, and tomato basil garlic chicken with a side salad. DELIGHTFUL! 

Enjoy Fit Fam! :) 

Shoulders, Back, Hams, Glutes, and Calves!

Holy Moly did this workout kick my butt!! I was so tired after this, I don't know how I walked out of the gym and got home! That's what I get though for missing my Thursday workout, and having to combine Thursday and Friday. 

Well today for deadlifts, instead of doing sets, I went back to my pyramid lift, getting heavier and heavier each part of the pyramid!
Warm up with 2 sets of 15
Then do...

 Remember, don't be afraid to go heavy and challenge yourself, I promise you'll like the results! ;) 

 Still really working my shoulder to build up my strength for indoor... But Hey Delts, nice of you to join us! ;) 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Waisted Wednesday!

Happy waisted Wednesday everyone :) 

Hope everyone is killing their workouts! I added flutter kicks to the routine I uploaded yesterday, and some High Intensity Interval Training, which kicked my butt! It pays off though! 

Remember guys, abs are made in the kitchen, no diet, no abs!! 

Happy hump day! :) 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tear It Up Tuesday!

So Tuesday's are Bis and Tris, trying to do lower weight, higher reps, and finally seeing some leaner arms, less bulky, whoop whoop! 

Today was....
Shoulder Rehab... 

Pull Ups
Dumbell curls
Skull Crushers
3 Way Cable Curls
Tricep Pull downs
Barbell Curls 
Tricep Kickbacks 

Oh hey delts! Nice of you to join us, finally! 

Enjoy Guys! :) 

Shoulders and Back!

 Welp, some changes have been made at my school, so this semester I'm playing both indoor and beach volleyball. Indoor volleyball is much more demanding of your shoulder than beach volleyball and with my torn labrum, it's going to be a challenge, so my focus has really been on strengthening my shoulders and back, and lots of rehab and therapy for my shoulder. My wonderful boyfriend is going to help me with all my shoulder exercises, his knowledge about all of it blows my mind. :) Looking forward to having the strength back in my swing! 

For shoulders and back I do.....

20 minutes of various rehab and therapy exercises
Wide grip pull-ups
Dumbell overhead press
Dumbell Bench
Barbell Upright Rows
Dumbell Rows
Wide Grip Lat Pull Downs
Seated Cable Rows 
Single Arm Lat Pull Down
Barbell Rows 

Kill it guys :) 

Time to get Waisted, Fit Fam style! :)

So with  my new Squaterday, I've got new Waisted Wednesday's and Ab Day Swag Days! 

As of now, I've been trying to lean out a bit, so I've been doing cardio on every day but leg days and rest day of course. Just trying to loose a little stubborn cookies and cheesecake that are still sticking around ;) 
butttttt here's what I've been up to on my Wednesdays and Saturdays! 

Again, I'm sticking to my pairs like I have in the past.  So do each pair twice before moving to the next one!

1 min plank
1 min boat

Decline bench med ball situps with a twist (3,5,7,9,11,13)
Decline bench sit ups

Bench Leg Lifts with a twist
 (Laying flat on your back on the bench, you do a leg lift, then come up onto your upperback and shoulders twisting your straight legs one way, then repeat the other direction.)
Regular leg lifts on the bench 

Toe touches with a plate

Russian Twists with a plate

Barbell Oblique Leans 
Lateral Leg Raises

Oblique V-Ups
Physio Ball Oblique Crunches

Hanging Leg Raises
Hanging Knee Tucks 

Kevin Hart knows how to keep your abs in check! Remember, abs are made in the kitchen :) 



Soooo, now that I'm getting back into the swing of things, I've got a new Squaterday Routine to really work those Glutes and Quads :) 

What I have planned now:
Go hit the Rack!
Back Squat Standard Stance:  3x15 increasing Weight as you warm up
Back Squat Narrow Stance: 3x15 increasing Weight as you warm up
Front Squat: 3x15
Go heavy or go home guys ;)

Quad Extensions 3x12
Superset with Dumbell walking lunges 3x10

Leg Press 3x10 Heavy
Superset with Dumbell Step Ups 3x10 Each Leg

Weighted Bridges 3x15 Heavy
Superset with Glute Kickbacks 3x15

Dumbell Bulgarian Split Squats 3x8 Heavy
Superset with Dumb bell Goblet Squats 3x10

 Obviously I've got my priorities straight, Cuddling and Squatting ;) But seriously... 

Kill your workouts guys, Enjoy!! :) 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Motivational Monday!

Hey Guys!

So I know typically Mondays are Squaterday, but I hurt my hamstring, so it needs some rest which means..... Today is Ab Day!!
So for today's ab routine, I did my typical alternating pairs like for my other ab routines, but between each pair I jumped roped 200 times. So.... 

50 Crunches
20 Leg Lifts

200 Jumps! 

20 Rotating Leg Extensions Each Side
20 Sit Ups with 10lbs Weight

200 Jumps! 

45 Second 6 Inch Holds
20 V-Ups

200 Jumps!

15 Barbell Oblique Side Bends Each Side
20 Oblique V-Ups Each Side

200 Jumps! 

Remember, Each of those pairs is gone through twice with no breaks! Get after it! ;) 

Here are some clean eats from the week! 

Giant Omelet! In the omelet is sausage, red peppers, green peppers, and onions. 

Here is Grilled Chicken Seasoned with Salt Free Mrs. Dash's Seasoning. Also with brown rice, white and yellow corn, and fruit! 

Here we have turkey burger with squash, zuchinni, orange peppers, and red peppers. Also apples! 

Here is a post workout breakfast and protein shake! Eggs, turkey bacon, oatmeal, and fruit greek yogurt and    vanilla whey protein shake. 

Happy Motivational Monday! :)