Monday, May 13, 2013

Motivational Monday!

Hey Guys!

So I know typically Mondays are Squaterday, but I hurt my hamstring, so it needs some rest which means..... Today is Ab Day!!
So for today's ab routine, I did my typical alternating pairs like for my other ab routines, but between each pair I jumped roped 200 times. So.... 

50 Crunches
20 Leg Lifts

200 Jumps! 

20 Rotating Leg Extensions Each Side
20 Sit Ups with 10lbs Weight

200 Jumps! 

45 Second 6 Inch Holds
20 V-Ups

200 Jumps!

15 Barbell Oblique Side Bends Each Side
20 Oblique V-Ups Each Side

200 Jumps! 

Remember, Each of those pairs is gone through twice with no breaks! Get after it! ;) 

Here are some clean eats from the week! 

Giant Omelet! In the omelet is sausage, red peppers, green peppers, and onions. 

Here is Grilled Chicken Seasoned with Salt Free Mrs. Dash's Seasoning. Also with brown rice, white and yellow corn, and fruit! 

Here we have turkey burger with squash, zuchinni, orange peppers, and red peppers. Also apples! 

Here is a post workout breakfast and protein shake! Eggs, turkey bacon, oatmeal, and fruit greek yogurt and    vanilla whey protein shake. 

Happy Motivational Monday! :) 

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