Monday, June 24, 2013

Lazy daisy!

Admit it, everyone has those days.... Something comes up and you just don't feel like going to the gym, or maybe you physically can't. Welp that was my week last week, I ended up missing my Wednesday and Thursday workout.... And you know what that means... Total body Friday!!! Had to make up for my ab day on Wednesday and hams, glutes and calves from Thursday , then the typical back, shoulders and rehab for Friday... Boy was I exhausted!! Remember when you're combining workouts like this, don't do your full day routine for each muscle group... You'll be at the gym all day!!! Pick your few favorite most challenging workouts from each lift, and build a lift off of that! For example, for me....I did ... 

From waisted Wednesday I picked
Decline med ball sit-ups
Decline sit-ups 

Bench leg lifts with a twist
Regular leg lifts 

Hanging leg lifts
Hanging knee tucks 

From beast mode Thursday ...
Deadlift pyramid

Smith machine glute kickbacks 
Smith machine pistol squats 

3 way calf raises 

Leg curls till failure 

From flex Friday...
DB overhead press
BB upright rows
DB bench press 
Reverse hypers 
Seated wide and narrow grip rows
Lat pull down 
3 way flys 

Shoulder rehab 

So it's a modified lift, not every exercise from each muscle group! 

Kill it guys! :) 

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