Monday, June 24, 2013

Squaterday and PLYOS!

Happy Squaterday fit fam!! Killed quads and glutes today at the gym and I'm happy to welcome my new trainee and coworker Shannon to the fit fam! She killed quads and glutes today for her squaterday and I'm so excited to be training someone so driven and motivated! :)

Finally starting to see definition coming back to my quads, whoop whoop!! Loved the "sweat today smile tomorrow" but I thought it was more suiting to sweat today, smile today :) 


I decided to do some much needed plyos, what a sweaty mess!!! Had to train to beat the rain ;) trying to get rid of some of this water weight before vacation, ahhh!! Plyos we shall be friends ;) 

Hope you all had a happy Monday!! :)

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