Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Time to get Waisted, Fit Fam style! :)

So with  my new Squaterday, I've got new Waisted Wednesday's and Ab Day Swag Days! 

As of now, I've been trying to lean out a bit, so I've been doing cardio on every day but leg days and rest day of course. Just trying to loose a little stubborn cookies and cheesecake that are still sticking around ;) 
butttttt here's what I've been up to on my Wednesdays and Saturdays! 

Again, I'm sticking to my pairs like I have in the past.  So do each pair twice before moving to the next one!

1 min plank
1 min boat

Decline bench med ball situps with a twist (3,5,7,9,11,13)
Decline bench sit ups

Bench Leg Lifts with a twist
 (Laying flat on your back on the bench, you do a leg lift, then come up onto your upperback and shoulders twisting your straight legs one way, then repeat the other direction.)
Regular leg lifts on the bench 

Toe touches with a plate

Russian Twists with a plate

Barbell Oblique Leans 
Lateral Leg Raises

Oblique V-Ups
Physio Ball Oblique Crunches

Hanging Leg Raises
Hanging Knee Tucks 

Kevin Hart knows how to keep your abs in check! Remember, abs are made in the kitchen :) 


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