Monday, June 9, 2014

My new Adventure! (Workouts and Meal Plans)

Alright fitfam! Soooo I have a big announcement for those who don't already know! I got competition fever and decided I want to compete in the Sunset Classic! I'm currently 3 weeks out, and this is my first NPC competition ever! I'm so incredibly excited but I am also still a young college girl with a very small budget that does not cover much of a competition after seeing how expensive it is! So I decided to do some fundraising! I'm offering a workout or meal plan for $15 or a combo for $25!!
What You'll Get:
For Workout:
A week of workouts including: 3 leg days, 2 upper body days, and 1 core day!  These are the workouts I used for my competition prep! They can be used for 3-4 weeks, then mix them up a little :)
For the meal plan:
1 week a meals! Again, these are some of my prep meals. (Let me know if you have any allergies).  Along with Supplement Suggestions!

If you are interested in a workout, meal plan, or a combo, just select it below! :) When I get your receipt, you'll receive an email with your plan! If you aren't interested in a plan, but are interested in donating, there is a donation button to the left. :)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! :)


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tummy Tuesday Ab Workouts!

So it's been quite a while since I've posted. I'm working on finishing up my bachelor's degree in three years instead of four, so I've been pretty busy, also playing two sports. But here are some core workouts for Tummy Tuesday! Enjoy :) 

Six Inch Holds

1) Lay on your back with your arms at your sides.

2) Make sure your lower back is flat to the ground.

3) Elevate your feet about 6-inches off the ground and HOLD!

Set a time for yourself, and try to beat that time every time! Killer for those coveted lower abs!

Oblique Barbell Side Bends

1) Stand with your feet shoulder width apart with either a barbell or a weighted bar on your shoulders.

2) Bend to one side, keeping your hips stationary. Make sure you are not rocking your hips out to the side when you are bending.

3) Squeeze your obliques at the bottom of the bend, and use your opposite side obliques to pull yourself back to the neutral position.

Repeat for each side, and watch those obliques grow! 

Physio Ball Leg Lifts with a Twist

1)Lie flat on your back, again with your lower back flush to the ground with your physio ball gripped between your feet. I use a weighted ball, but regular ones are fine!

2) Squeeze the ball between your feet and lift your legs as straight as possible to the ceiling

3) Squeeze your core tight to bring your lower back up off the ground and your feet to the ceiling, rotating your legs and feet one way.

4) Then return to neutral position with your lower back, back on the ground and legs still raised.
5) Slowly lower your legs back down towards the ground, without letting the ball touch the floor.
Repeat! This is not a high rep exercise