Friday, January 23, 2015

Long time, no see.

Happy Friday FitFam!
Happy New Year too! Long time no see! ;) January 2015, wow! Time flies. A new year with new goals. So far I’ve launched my new website,, and for those of you following my IG, you’ve noticed that one of my 2015 goals is to make crazy glute gains! 2014 was all about that 6pack, 2015 is all about that bass. ;)

Speaking of 6 packs and glute gains, let me just show you the raw post-holiday damage. I can’t tell you the last time I saw my abs… Actually, maybe my show; good for me. But that’s okay! I’m happy and eating without restrictions or worries, and building a booty. Anyway, this is my January 1stphoto-op in all its glory. I’m the bloat queen. What do you do when you’re bloated and retaining water? Drink a bunch of water!! Whatttt??!  I can’t stress enough the importance of large water intakes. It flushes your system out! These were taken just a few days apart of drinking the right amount of water. I felt 100% better! Then it was back to consistent lifting.
Bloat vs hydrated 

Now here is where I currently stand with my build. SUPER stoked with my glute gains. I can honestly say, though I’ve slacked on some of my workouts, glutes were not one I slacked on, so that peach was/is being built by yours truly. The rest of my body looks quite a bit bigger than it really is, promise, due to a nice thick layer of fat on top of the muscle (it’s acceptable because it’s winter, right?); ie my she-hulk biceps. Maybe if I was as dedicated to the rest of me as I am my glutes, we wouldn’t be having this problem. New goal: glute dedication everywhere…. We’ll see.
Little bit of abs, Lotta bit of glutes 

She-hulk biceps and glute gains 

Anyway, back to my Friday thoughts. I think that for Friday’s every week, I’m going to post my favorite exercise for Upper body, Lower body and Core of that week. What do you think??
Let’s give it a shot!
So, for lower body this week, my favorite exercise would have to be…..
Weighted Hip Bridges, HEAVY. What a booty-burner! 3x10
For upper body I’d have to sayChin-Ups have been my saving grace to give any kind of shape to my arms. Do as many as you can without any assistance first, then burn out with assistance.
For Core I can say for sureWeighted Cable Crunches for the win! Forward and side to side, heavy. I’m so sore from those I can’t see straight. 3x12 each direction

Give these a shot, let me know what you think!

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