Thursday, June 11, 2015

3 Day Refresh Results!!!

Down 8lbs and 13.5 inches in 3 Days!! 

As you guys saw from my previous post, I started my 3 Day Refresh on Monday! Time for a break down and review! I'm gonna be reallllll honest ;) 
So I measured the night before my refresh and the morning following the finish of it! 
My starting stats: 
I'm 5'10
Stomach- 33.5in
Bust- 30in
Glutes: 37in
Right Thigh- 22.5in
Left thigh- 22in
Left Arm: 11in
Right Arm 11in
Upper Chest: 36.5in

Day One: 
 I was all prepped for the day! The cleanse was wrapped around eating fruits, veggies, healthy fats, accompanied with Shakeology, Fresh Start Shakeology, and a Fiber Sweep Shake. Also optional was herbal tea! 
Day one I opted with my 4 Shakes, broccoli, avocado, green tea, apple, and red peppers. All portions for each type of food is given in your booklet! Exercise is to be VERY light, so your body can use its energy to heal your insides! So for day one, I hit up Cize (launches in JULY!!) for my workout. I'm not going to lie, going from splurge eating to a cleanse was culture shock for my body. I wanted to eat my arm off, almost all day. (Told you I'd be honest!) I also wanted to quit, but I stuck it out. 

Day 2: 
I prepped again, for work. I woke up with a slight headache, but I expected it. My prep looked VERY similar to the prepping above. I will say that dinner falls in its own category with special recipes in your handbook! On the left was one of the dinner options with a Barbells and Boots spin, spiralized! I spiralized 1.5 carrots and sauteed them in coconut oil with chili powder and sea salt. Still feeling fairly hungry between meals and snack, but not near as bad as the day before. Went to the gym with my fiance`, and ended up doing 43 pullups and a couple RDL's before I was SHOT. However I was not the only one doing this refresh. Many people in the company were, and I became discouraged from all they were saying, I wasn't feeling like they were. Surely I was doing something wrong. I wanted to give up and eat some popcorn chicken and french fires, or even the Spinach-Feta Chicken Sausage and Mac'n'Cheese my fiance` was eating next to me for dinner, I'm not gonna lie,but again I didn't eat all that stuff.... One. More. Day.  

Day 3: 
I slept GREAT. Woke up with no headache, and made it through the day without feelings starving.  Could I finally be doing something right? I finally was feeling the results my teammates were feeling. I'm just a late bloomer is all ;) My workout was Cize again, I can't even tell you how much fun I have doing it!! Can't wait for this program to launch for everyone to enjoy! Anyhow, last day. I was on point with my meals, and felt good. I even ended up going for a job with my puppy later... Without feeling like I was going to faint! (I'm not a cardio person... at all). Time for results..... 

I COULD NOT believe me eyes when to took my measurements and weight.... HOLY COW!! 

I'm still 5'10... but now... 
137 lbs (-8lbs)
Stomach- 27in (-6.5in)
Bust- 29in (-1 in)
Glutes: 37in 
Right Thigh- 21.5in (-1 in)
Left thigh- 21in (-1 in)
Left Arm: 11in
Right Arm 11in
Upper Chest: 32.5in (-4 in)

I'm am BLOWN AWAY by my results! I went in to this wanting to have more energy, clear my skin up, and lose some bloating, I had no idea just how much by body needed to heal! 

If you are interested in doing this for yourself, click here and we'll chat! :) 

Comment your email address BELOW for Refresh Info! :) 

Look forward to chatting! Have an awesome Thursday, Fit Fam! :) 


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