Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Bloat Be Gone Update!

Happy Transformation Tuesday! If you guys read my Bloat Be Gone post (here!), then you know the struggle I was having and what I was testing to help it out! This is an update on progress from that post. 
As you know, I was using a Gut Health blend of tea that has oodles of benefits for your insides to keep them healthy and I'm still LOVING these blends!! (see previous post for specific blends!) So here's an update. 

In my previous post, you saw the first two photos, a 10 day difference with a non-bloated, happy, healthy tummy!! In the third picture, you can see that still stands true!! The third picture AGAIN was in the evening, after a full day of food and my tummy is still just as happy as it was before! I wasn't expecting a drastic change from photo two and three because my goal isn't weight loss, it was just to maintain my bloating issue, which is exactly what is happening!! So you have Day 1 (morning) Day 10 (evening), and Day 20 (evening). 

SO excited I've FINALLY found something to make my insides happy again and it isn't a pill or a medicine!! Thank you Teami !! <3 

For those of you who need a short recap, I have been implementing a Gut Health combo tea from Teami Blends to help with my unhappy insides. I was using both the Skinny Blend and the Colon Blend and LOVE them. (See my original "Bloat Be Gone" post for details and health benefits). 

Now I am also incorporating the Alive Blend and the Energy blend to help regulate my Hypothyroid energy drops! This morning was my first time testing out the Alive Blend and I mixed it with my typical Skinny Blend and OMG. First of all, YUM, second of all, MY ENERGY IS AMAZING!!!! 

When I wake up, I normally feel like I've been hit by a bus, twice. (I know my hypothyroid peeps understand). Normally this drags on until about lunch time. This morning I got up extra early to get a workout in with my Brawler Bootcampers and thought FOR SURE I would be DRAGGING all day like I normally am when I get up extra early to workout before work instead of waiting until after work (totally not a morning person...) But to my surprise, after my workout with some good endorphin pumping, I had my Alive/Skinny Teami blend heading to work and I'm feeling AWESOME! Clear mind, lots of energy, not falling asleep if I sit too long, but also not WIRED like I am when I have espresso. 

Just a little bit about Teami's Alive Blend. 

This herbal blend is geared toward eliminating chronic exhaustion (my fellow hypo peeps!), getting your metabolism going, heightening your focus and concentration, boosting your energy, decreasing migraines (#blessed), and increasing your blood flow and circulation to clear your skin! (buh-bye acne!) 

So far I am obsessed with those three blends! Bring me ALL the herbal remedies to medical problems please!! :) 

Any of my fellow hypo peeps, bloaty gals, migraine suffers, or sleepyheads, swing by www.teamiblends.com and get a discount with the code: BARBELLS

Happy Tuesday FitFam! <3 

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