Thursday, November 3, 2016

Bloat Be Gone!

Bloating. It's frustrating, inconvenient, annoying, and just no fun! Even worse? When you can't figure out what the heck causes it!! There's nothing worse than busting your tail in the gym (or at home) and wanting to feel awesome and show off your hard work in your clothes (or without) and feeling like you CAN'T because you're so bloated!! Maybe your core muscles are under there somewhere... but who knows because you ingested SOMETHING that made you swell up like a balloon. 
For me, its pretty much anything I ingested. Eat a full sized pizza (gluten free, of course), bloat; Eat a salad, bloat. Drink water to flush it out, bloat. Hmmmmm.... It's FRUSTRATING. Trust me, I know. I'm sick of my dress pants cutting into my hips and stomach after lunch too, don't worry. 

I've tried A LOT to help this issue... from cutting out certain foods, to special probiotics, and nothing really seemed to help. So I figured I'd just have to deal with a "food baby" more often than not, yay. 

Then I stumbled across TeaMi Blends. Now, two things. One, I absolutely DO NOT think that any kind of tea, pill, wrap or anything of the sorts is the solution to your health and fitness goals. NOTHING will substitute hard work EXERCISING and CLEAN EATING. Two, I love teas so I have tried "weight loss" teas in the past just for shits and giggles, so I'm aware of all the crazy advertisements that buzz around. I did not try this tea for weight loss. Period. 

However, I am all about the natural healing of issues with your body, for those of you who have followed my Hypothyroid journey on Instagram. I'll drink some natural herbal tea before I'll swallow a pill full of chemicals. What caught my attention about this tea is the Gut Health aspects of it. Obviously, if we're bloating a lot, that's a SIGN that something is up and irritated in your digestive tract and it needs some lovin'! I ended up giving two TeaMi teas a shot: Skinny and Colon.

The Skinny tea is for daily drinking and I've actually REPLACED my morning coffee with it (WHATTT!?! Yay for less teeth bleaching!). Because this tea is loose leaf tea, it comes with a cute little steeper, so I just fill my steeper in the morning, drop it in my cup, and refill my cup throughout the day when I'd like more tea! My office is FREEZING, so a warm drink is necessary. You get 30 "servings" in a bag for loose leaf tea, however because you can re-steep all day, you're really getting a lot more bang for your buck. So lets talk about the Skinny Tea for a second. One, I hate that its called skinny tea. Yes, it helps with the bloating and digestion so it makes you feel skinnier, but it is by no means a solution for weight loss that some people assume it to be by its name; luckily that is not how its advertised. I wish it was called Confidence tea, because you really do feel so much more confident when your tummy is flat and happy! The herbal blend that makes up the Skinny tea focuses on boosting your metabolism, calming and soothing muscle soreness, spasms and tightness, reducing bloating, soothing digestive issues, and improving skin complexion. It's been a great addition to my workout routine and current eating schedule! I'll never complain about a metabolism boost, not as sore muscles, and clear skin!  

The Colon tea I think is the biggest game changer here. It tastes DELICIOUS (husband approved) and really does its job. Like I mentioned earlier, if you're bloating a lot, that is a sign from your body that something is not happy, so the herbs in the colon tea go straight to the source. I drink this tea every other night, and steep 2 glasses from one bag. (You only steep for 2-3 minutes... but ease your way into that ;) ) The herbal blend that makes up the Colon tea focuses on detoxing your internal organs, flushing out harsh toxins that have built up from pollution, harsh chemicals, and processed foods, healing digestive issues and improving digestion, and improving the quality of sleep. If toxins are built up in your digestive tract, the nutrients you consume cannot be properly absorbed, obstructing your efforts in reaching your health and fitness goals!

Gut Health is just as important for reaching your goals as your physical workout routine and your eating habits! Gotta take care of the outside AND the inside :)

Anyway, after adding this combo of teas to my current workout routine and eating habits, here's what I saw after 10 days! I really wasn't expecting to see a huge difference in general, let alone early on. I like to give things about 3-4 weeks of consistency before I conclude they don't work. (My husband may disagree and attest to my mini-meltdowns when I spend three days eating healthy and my abs are back yet....So I may as well have Fro-Yo because its not working... ha! ) But in reality it DOES take about 3 weeks to notice changes in your body, skin, etc, so whatever you're doing, stick it out for at least that long, then reassess! :) 

The photo on the left is me in the morning (can you tell I'm SUCH a morning person?). But typically in the morning, you should be your leanest because you've just spend all night letting your body eat itself.... and here we are, bloated. The picture on the right is me in the evening, after a full day of eating..... holy moly. I feel SO much better. I would have expected to look more bloated than the first photo, because I was 3 meals and some snacks in... but to my surprise, my tummy was normal! The right side is a happy, flat, non-bloated tummy!! (and also a non-padded sports bra. Yes they're really that small. #sadday . The tea did NOT make them disappear, I promise.) 

I'm super excited to see what the rest of the month brings and looking forward to having a happy Tummy from now on! #ThankYouTeami

There was a big sale the other day so I got the Energy blend and the Alive blend too, in hopes that they will help with my hypothyroid energy plummets! Hypothyroid peeps, I'll keep you updated ;) Stay tuned for a post on that ! :) 

Teami is offering a discount on all teas and super cute tumblers at , discount code: BB20 at check out, for anyone interested! 

Happy Thursday!


  1. Wow! You just explained my stomach issue to the T! I eat clean but could drink water and bloat! Will be trying this tea for sure!

    1. Yay!! So glad it connected with someone! <3