Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Brawler Bootcamp!

What the heck is Brawler Bootcamp and why should you 110% be in it?! 

Let me break it down for ya! Every month I run an online fitness bootcamp to help ladies reach their health and fitness goals! This month however, I launched a NEW bootcamp, and its wrapped around KICKBOXING/MMA Training. Now, many of you ladies are probably thinking "eh, I'm not coordinated enough for that" or "that's not really my thing"... but guess what? You're WRONG. 

Listen here ladies. One: You ARE coordinated enough for it! It just takes practice. If my long, lanky 5'10" self can do it, ANYONE can do it! Two: It SHOULD be your thing. Wanna know why? 1 in 3 women have be physically abused by someone in their intimate circle of relationships. ONE IN THREE! That's ONE too many, and that JUST in their inner circle! That's not even counting the attacks that happen by strangers...  Is Kickboxing fun? Heck yeah. But its not just about the fun, its not just about getting fit, its about get STRONG and CONFIDENT in your abilities to defend yourself! You WILL not be a victim. You WILL be able to FIGHT BACK and #HitLikeAGirl! Will you be a professional fighter after this bootcamp? Absolutely not. But will you feel confident in yourself and your abilities to defend yourself and feel EMPOWERED? Heck yes! Not to mention you'll crush your fitness goals in the process! <3 Be prepared to be functionally fit ! 

Want a little sneak peek? Here you go! 

For more info on joining Brawler Bootcamp, click HERE! <3

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