Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Dinner! - Zoodle Spaghetti!

I'm an intuitive eater, for sure! So I don't track or pay a TON of attention to my food meticulously, however I do try to be mindful of types of foods I'm eating timing wise. For example, I train legs 3 days a week, so I know on those 3 days I can CARB UP because my goal is for growth in my glutes and hamstrings and they workout takes A LOT out of you, the other 4 days I'm not looking for as much growth as I am shape, so I try to keep those days higher in proteins and fats than carbs. I also try not to stuff my face with carbs before bed (regardless of the training day) because carbs need to be used to not turn into fat! So this is a perfect example of my dinner from the other night on a non-legday.


First, spiralize some zucchini! You can get a spiralizer of some sort from Wal-Mart or Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I got mine on Amazon! Click Here to order one. Zucchini shrinks up real small, so you can spiralize a lot of them !!

Next, through them in a pan and simmer on low-med heat with seasoning while your brown the meat!  

Brown the meat you're using! You can use ground turkey or extra lean ground beef. I use extra lean ground beef and season it with sea salt, pepper, and chilli powder! 

Strain your meat and noodles, then combine with sauce! This is the sauce I use (I'm not creative enough to make my own. This gets the job done!) 

Mix it together and enjoy!! :)
High protein, lower carb dinner :) 

Happy Wednesday! :) 

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