Friday, November 4, 2016

DIY Friday!!

We got married in September and closed on our house the week before the wedding, so not only are we newlyweds, but we are also new home owners and I've had a BLAST decorating and turning our house into a warm, cozy home!! We've been up to a lot of DIY projects, so I figured on Friday's I'd share a project we had done for our farmhouse themed home, on a budget! 
Introducing DIY Fridays #FarmHouseFixForLess style ! There is a fun hashtag that goes around on Instagram on Tuesdays too, if you want to play. :) 

Anyway, today I wanted to share the beginning of our entry way! Now I'm the Pinterest queen... I would literally have zero decorating sense without Pinterest or Instagram, ha! So naturally scrolling around Pinterest I found rustic entry ways, and they all, in some way, had shelving of some type at the top with hanging options, and then a bench of some kind at the bottom for storage and fun pillows, of course! So I wondered off to Hobby Lobby and I began the search for shelving. 

Unfortunately, shelves are really flipping expensive! (at least the farm style ones I wanted were.) So I left the shelf section and wondered around the decor section to stumble upon these old tool boxes!

I thought they were neat to begin with, but after I looked at them for a little bit, I thought "what if I flipped them upside-down and made them a shelf?! Then I could hang something from the bottom of them!" Naturally, I'm a very visual person, so I had to lay it out. I wandered over to the knob/hanging section in Hobby Lobby and found some hooks.

UMMMMM YES!!!! PERFECT!!!! So I grabbed two toolboxes ($20), 8 hooks and headed out the door for a fraction of the price of just ONE normal shelf!

I got home and my husband asked if I had any shelf luck. I opened the trunk and whipped out these bad boys (holding them as toolboxes), full of excitement for my cheap, creative find and he kinda just looked at me funny, waiting for an explanation. I let him know that I need him to hang these upside in the entry way and then we're going to add hooks! "It was a super cheap steal babe, way cheaper than a shelf!" (that's all he really need to hear and/or cared about). So up went the two upside down toolboxes and we attached the hooks..... TA-DAAA!!! :) 

I'm obsessed! Toolboxes, hooks, and decor are all from Hobby Lobby! Now its time to find or build the perfect bench for underneath it :) 

Happy DIY Friday! :) 

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