Friday, November 18, 2016

DIY Friday !!

So I totally dropped the ball last week with my DIY Friday ! So here we are with a #FarmHouseFixForLess !

Some of you remember me going to the French Country Flea Market last month and I was able to find some really neat old reclaimed wood windows so I got creative with one of them.

I have A LOT of jewelry, ya know for the rare occasion that I'm not wearing gym clothes, and what I had been using to hang it just wasn't cutting it !

So here's what happened:

I took one of the larger windows that had one of the panes broken , and knocked out all the glass (which was a lot harder than I thought it would be!)

The a flipped it over and stapled 1in chicken wire ($3 from Lowes/Home Depot) on the back of the window !

Then I found these tiny little S-hooks at Lowe's for $2 and spread them around on the chicken wire. They're perfect for necklaces !

Then I hung all my jerewly on it !


You can do this with a picture frame too if you don't have a window !

Happy Friday :)

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