Friday, November 25, 2016

DIY Friday!

Hey everyone! It's DIY Friday again, Black Friday at that, so lots of fun things can be picked up today for DIY projects!! Take advantage ;) 

This week's #FarmhouseFixForLess is for our outside entry way! Not too long ago, we had picked up some pallets to make a bench for our inside entry way... but they ended up being a little too dirty to have as inside wood, so they needed to be an outside project! 

As you have seen, the inside of the Buckley house is in full swing Christmas, however our outside entryway was still very Fall-ish... pumpkins and all! Soooo, we had to make the outside match the inside and make some Christmas trees! :) 

Here's what you'll need: 

-Old Pallets
-An Angle 
-A Saw
-And possibly a husband, ha! 

First we took the old pallets and the hubs used the angle to draw the cut lines. These were what our pallets looked like! 

This is the angle we used! 

The steepness of the angle is dependent on how big or how small you want the Christmas trees! We made one bigger one and one smaller one! Once your lines are drawn, you can get to cutting! My husband (black shirt) made the first one, then taught his cousin how to make the next one. 

They left the bottom of the trees straight across so they could sit on their own! Here's what they look like! 

Aren't they adorable?! With some fire wood, pinecones and a basket full of mini pinecones, we're ready for Christmas! 

Now the debate is, to flock them with snow, or not to flock them with snow.... decisions, decisions! 

What do y'all think?! 

Happy DIY Friday! 

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