Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Welcome Back!

Hello fitfam and blog world ! I'm BACK and super excited for my revamp !!! 

I've reorganized, rebranded, and am ready to share with you all again, where life has taken me! 💗

Let's get back to it ! 

Today was Leg day, because it's #Humpday of course ! I'm currently training legs 3 times a week, so I have 2 Hamstring and Glute days and one Quad, glute and calf day, which was today ! 

I'm still easing back into things after taking so long off , but it's amazing how muscle memory works ! 

Here's what was on the menu for today : 

Back Squat Pyramid : 
10 reps @ 135lbs 
8 reps @ 145lbs
6 reps @ 165lbs
4 reps @ 185lbs
2 reps @195lbs 
4 reps @185lbs 
6 reps @ 165lbs
10 reps @ 135lbs 

(I skipped the 8 because my form gave out and it's form is always the most important part!) 

Super set: 
Smith machine Glute Kickbacks 
3 x 8 @ 30lbs 

Curtsy Lunges 
3 x 8 @ 15lb dumbbells in each hand 

Super Set: 
Sumo Goblet Squats 
3x8 @ 40lbs 

Alternating lateral lunges 
3x8 each leg @ 40lbs 

Leg Press: 
Narrow stance 
3x10 @ 130lbs 

Wide Stance 
3x10 @ 130lbs 

Single leg, toe forward 
3x12 @ 60lbs 

Single leg, toe inward (outer glute focus)
3x10 @ 60lbs 

Single leg, toe outward (inner glute focus)
3x10 @ 60lbs 

(I did one set of each style of leg press non-stop for each group set... Holy burn!!!) 

Quad Extension Burn out : 
12 reps @ 80lbs 
10 reps @ 70lbs
8 reps @ 60lbs 
8 reps @ 40 lbs 
8 reps @ 30lbs 
Single leg 8 reps @ 20lbs 
Single leg 8 reps @ 10lbs 


Single leg 12 reps @ 20lbs 
Both legs 10 reps @ 30lbs 

Collapse 😂 

Enjoy, friends ! 

Who's going to give this one a shot?! 

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