Friday, December 16, 2016

DIY Friday!

It's Friday again! That means another DIY Farmhouse Fix for Less!! 

Today's project is less about the step by step of this specific project, and more about getting you to think outside the box with the things in your own home to transform them into something more functional for your lifestyle! :) 

So, when we moved our new house in September, our entertainment center was an older one that was my parents at some point, and had traveled with me through both undergrad and gradschool dorming, housing, ect. It had seen better days, but it had been a trusty TV, Playstation 4, and Nintendo 64 holder (ya know, the essentials) for quite a while. Chad decided to build a GORGEOUS entertainment center for our new home, so naturally, our sad little old one was of not much use anymore. 

It sat in the guest room for quite a while not doing a whole lot, but after we started our entry way project, I knew I wanted a bench to go underneath that. One day I was putting things away in the guest room and sat down on the entertainment center just for a break and realized it was perfect bench height!

So I asked Chad how feasible it would be to make this old entertainment center a bench, and he said we could give it a shot!

So we popped off the top and took off the glass doors. 

Chad then cut plywood to fit the size of the door opening and attached framing the replicate a barn door look. This plywood piece slid right in where the glass doors previously were.

Then we took 2, 2x12's and cut them to the appropriate length, put a brace on the bottom, and hinges on the back so that we could store things in the bench!

With some dark brown stain for the top and some Antique White paint for the body, we had a repurposed entertainment center that was now a bench! 

Unfortunately, when we put it in the hall way, it didn't quite fit the vision we had for an entryway bench; it was just a little too wide! 

So we found a new home for it as a cute nook coffee/reading area and I store all my seasonal decor inside of it!

I know that this DIY wasn't super specific with instruction, but like I said, its more about getting you to think outside the box with the pieces you already have! :) Whether its repainting, re-covering, re-finishing, antiquing, aging, whatever it may be! Take a look around your home for things you can put a new twist on and repurpose :) 

Happy Friday y'all! <3

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