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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Super Cute Activewear That Doesn't Break The Bank

Happy Thursday everyone! <3

So, as a health and fitness coach, I LIVE in activewear... but even if I wasn't a coach, I'd still live in it, and I know many of you do too! Working outs --> activewear; Out to lunch --> activewear; Running errands --> activewear; Movie night --> activewear. We're all guilty! Nothing is better than a good pair of leggings (that pass the see-through test, of course) and a fun sports bra, lets be honest ;) 

But that can get a little... pricey. I mean a pair of Nike or Lulu leggings are going to run you anywhere from $50-$140 and that's just for the bottom half! So I'm always on the search for a solid athletic brand that doesn't run my bank account dry but also doesn't sacrifice the QUALITY of the material. (No one likes pulling their leggings up 1,000 times during their workout because they stretched out and are falling off!) Then I found Fabletics, which I love and was sucked into with the $49.95/month "for a full outfit" line, and though my first "outfit" which truly was just a top and a bottom was fairly inexpensive, I found myself wanting a FULL outfit- leggings, sports bra, and top, and that running me anywhere from $69-$89 a month... not the $49.95 I was anticipating. 

Now, I love Fabletics, don't get me wrong! It's still a heck of a lot cheaper than my one pair of Nike leggings, and SUPER nice quality, but it was definitely getting really expensive. Then I stumbled across Ellie Activewear!! 

Ellie Activewear is a seasonal subscription box sent to you monthly for $49.95 (fixed amount!) that ALWAYS includes a workout top, a sports bra, and leggings/capris, so a FULL outfit (what I wanted!) and 2 fitness accessories/workout equipment, which I thought was SO neat! I got a TON of questions about what makes Ellie different than Fabletics, so lets break it down a little bit! 

- Monthly clothing shipments start at $49.95 for 2 pieces of clothing, and go up from there in price for 3 pieces. (I was averaging about $89 for leggings and a sports bra and a tank) 
- Has a full online shop where you can buy whatever you want in addition to your monthly shipment
- You may skip the month if you don't see anything you like. 

- Set subscription box of one cohesive full outfit (3 pieces), and 2 fitness accessories/workout equipment each month for a fixed price of $49.95 
- Equipment/accessories vary from water bottles, to shaker bottles, to towels, to yoga mats, to foam rollers, to resistance bands, all kinds of stuff!
- Entire box is cohesive in color cordinating
- Each month's box is different and you may preview the next month to decide whether you would like to order it. 
- You may skip months if you do not like that current box. 

So Ellie tries to give you everything you need to jumpstart your fitness journey in each monthly box, from an outfit to accessories, for a flat rate! Its really a great way to start to build your home workout area slowly with the fitness equipment!

Here's what I got in my April box!

1) A black seamless strappy sportbra (S)
2) Black (ridiculously soft) leggings with ankle cutouts (S)
3) Mesh back dryfit tank top (M)
4) Headband and no bump hair ties
5) Magnetic gym towel

Though I was a tad worried about the leggings looking more like capris than full length pants because I'm so tall, I found that everything was true to size and a very flattering fit! Not to mention, SO comfortable! (Seriously these are the softest athletic leggings I own)

Sports Bra and Leggings!
Tank Top and Leggings!

Look how cute the little cutouts are at the bottom!

Overall I was SO pleased with everything I got and an looking forward to see what they have planned for their May box! :) Has anyone else tried Ellie Activewear?! 

Swing over to their website & grab your April box before they're gone! <3 
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